“I had the opportunity to work with Great Boards while managing the Mariposa Community in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. Ms. Goto planned the on-site visit well in advance and around the client's availability. Relevant information and documents were requested and factored in beforehand.

I really appreciate it when the principals of an organization are hands-on and personally involved. I could barely keep up with Ms. Goto and her team while they measured and verified every single reserve component in the community. For two days, they walked the HOA streets and parks, top to bottom, and under New Mexico's sun. Our Board of Directors were impressed with the high degree of professionalism and involvement displayed by Ms. Goto. She and her team were also available for questions from residents regarding the need for a comprehensive reserve study. Because of the excellent work from Ms. Goto and her team, reserves have been adequately funded at Mariposa Community Association to this day.

I strive to build lasting alliances when conducting business, keeping the long-term benefits in mind. Personality and character are equally important when selecting a business partner. In my opinion, this is another strength of Great Boards. Ms. Goto’s personable approach and going above and beyond what is merely required while engaging customers with an open mind, flexibility, tact, care, skills, and diligence contributed to the success of the Mariposa Community.

I highly recommend Great Boards for all of your reserve study needs and beyond. Ms. Goto is a credentialed and experienced community manager herself, so we spoke the same language the entire time and enjoyed a seamless process.”

Carlos J. Sanchez
Former on-site manager for the Mariposa Community Association in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.

I would like to express my appreciation for the exceptional work you have afforded scores of our community association clients. In 30 years of managing every possible type of HOA, HOAMCO has worked with several different reserve study specialists, but your reports—each a very comprehensive yet easy tool to work with for planning the timing for future maintenance and replacement costs—have always been far beyond the quality of what others have provided. This is evidenced by clients, who have benefited from your professional, high-quality services, always insisting that your company be retained when the need arises once again. This demand is also understandable as your price is competitive, your response time is swift, and the reports are relevant and reflect common sense, not to mention that you, Kerry-Lynn, are very personable and responsive to our clients’ needs.

From a management standpoint, our managers are extremely grateful for your patient education of our Boards in helping them view the reserve study as a valuable and credible planning tool.

We look forward to our relationship continuing for many years to come.

Justin Scott

Kerry-Lynn Goto’s unmatched expertise creates immediate benefits for her clients and the communities they serve. Her unique knowledge and leadership style bring community service to a new level while building healthy associations led by trained, dedicated servant leaders.

Cat Carmichael, CMCA, PCAM
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If you desire a great Board of Directors and a great community, then consult with Kerry-Lynn Goto, owner of Great Boards, LLC. Kerry-Lynn is an expert in the Community Association Industry, holding multiple industry designations (CMCA, LSM, PCAM, RS). I have had the pleasure of knowing Kerry-Lynn Goto for the past 18 years and contracting the services provided by Great Boards, LLC. over the past 15 years.

As a former Senior Regional Manager of a leading East Valley Community Association Management Company, I would often request assistance with Board Training, Policy and Procedure Documents, Reserve Studies, and any other Community Association issues requiring a high level of expertise.

As Executive Director of Trilogy at Power Ranch, a vibrant Active 55 Plus community in Gilbert, AZ, we contracted Great Boards LLC to provide a custom Reserve Study. We needed a Reserve Study with detailed numerical component categories that other Reserve Study companies could not provide. Kerry’s experience, knowledge, dedication, enthusiasm, and Reserve Study software prowess developed a Reserve Study Report unparalleled in the industry.

When our Reserve Study was initially created by the developer, many items were assigned the same identifying number, which made it difficult to find items in the study. Great Boards created a numbering system where each component was a unique individual component number (i.e., an inventory catalog). This unique component numbering system provided Trilogy at Power Ranch the ability to more precisely analyze the Association’s Capital Assets Replacement Schedule, Budget, and forecast Reserve and Replacement items. This customized Reserve Study provided extensively more detail than other Reserve Studies. This category (Inventory) component list also assisted in cross-referencing Reserve Study items to our asset depreciation schedule.

Any company or organization contracting with Kerry-Lynn Goto of Great Boards, LLC, will be highly satisfied with her industry knowledge, vibrant personality, and deliverables.

Ian M. Welsh
Executive Director, Trilogy at Power Ranch
CAI Arizona Chapter President